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Great expense to the tax payer without any real benefits


The Violet route will require the erection of a large and complex bridge near Kintore to cross the 600m flood plain. As the single biggest engineering challenge on the entire Aberdeen to Inverness route it would be one of the most expensive and complex structures on the entire route. Perhaps even more importantly is the increased flood risk to local communities that a structure of this nature could present - find out more about the environmental impact here.


It would require building more distance of road than other routes, estimated 16% longer than even the nearest alternative and significantly more than than widening the existing A96 section. Based on the average price per mile we calculate that would mean an additional cost of £100 million compared to the nearest alternative.


These routes will have a significant impact on prime agricultural land in the area which will significantly reduce local farmer's revenues. We estimate 344 hectares (850 acres) would be lost, which could result in £500,000 lost revenue for farmers each year. It would also result in partitioning at least 15 farms on the North route, making them possibly unworkable in many cases, or at the very least more difficult to manage... it is difficult enough already for our farmers!

In addition to the economic effect, there is also the environmental effect to consider.


The direct impact on properties is always emotive, disrupting lives and displacing families, but it also has a significant financial impact on the project, and therefore tax payers money. It is estimated that widening the existing A96 will impact less than ten residential properties, versus 78 on the north east routes and 17 on the south route.