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A96Action are pleased to present a fully verified, DMRB compliant, viable solution for online dualling through Inverurie without ANY property destruction required. 

The already approved Crichie housing development will deliver a new Grade Separated Junction (GSJ) between the current Thainstone and Port Elphinstone roundabouts, convert the Port Elphinstone junction to an underpass and dual the main road up to the Don bridge.

Taking advantage of this privately funded development would further reduce the burden on the Scottish taxpayer.



The Jacobs feasibility report (2015) found that the existing Don crossing bridge can be "readily extended" to take additional carriageways.
This can be achieved offline, with minimal impact on traffic and importantly, with minimal or no additional flood risk.
The Upperboat bridge upgrade is, in engineering terms, a fairly straightforward lift off and on.



An 'at-grade' roundabout

By using a much more appropriate, and thinner, urban cross-section dual carriageway, rather than the wider rural cross section used by Transport Scotland in their feasibility evaluation, the existing road corridor is wide enough to accommodate a full dual carriageway through the most restricted section leading up to the Blackhall roundabout without any property impact at all.

The roundabout can be retained but developed for dual approach and exit (also without any impact to property).
This would significantly ease traffic flow and is entirely consistent with the design specification when restrictions exist.
Note: The A9 Dualling project (which is Category 7A compliant) has route options which include ‘at-grade’ roundabouts in similar circumstances



A northern bypass

The additon of a new GSJ at Drimmies, where there is no space restriction, as well as the redeveloped Blackhall roundabout, would further alleviate traffic flow for northern/eastern traffic beyond Inverurie.

This allows traffic from the B9170 and B9001 to access the trunk road network without having to pass through Inverurie town centre and would be a major contributor to alleviating local congestion in the town at peak times.

Note: The illustration of the grade separated junction is merely representative, and to show it is possible.
There are a wide range of design options and refinements available



A96 Online Dualling

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