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1st AGM held

Our first AGM was held on Saturday 22nd February 2020 at Keithhall Community Hall.

Below are the minutes of the meeting: MINUTES OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Keithhall Community Hall


Lorna Anderson (Chair) opened the AGM by welcoming everybody to this, the first A96 Action AGM, commenting that she hoped we wouldn’t have to have another in a year’s time.

The fire exits were pointed out to the audience.


Apologies for absence were received from:

Peter Chapman MSP, Cllr Lesley Berry, Cllr Marion Ewenson, Sarah Simpson (C), Neil Marr, Allan and Nicola Macleod, John and Margaret Hearne, Sandra Harper, Arthur and Ann Murison, John Mackenzie, Dr Jim Black (C), Kay Diack, Steve Soper, Barry Howard, Enid Knutton, Mary Sloan, Jim Stuart, Ken McEwen (OC), Gail Hector (OC) and Mike Scott (OC).

(C) denotes a committee member, (OC) denotes an outgoing committee member.


The Chair’s report was delivered by Mark Robertson, Vice Chair of A96 Action. Mark highlighted the work that has been carried out to date by the Committee and Local Action Group members: 800 comment sheets following the Public Consultation in May and October and the drop-in sessions organised by A96 Action, in excess of 150 Freedom of Information requests, the huge letter writing campaign, the two reports compiled by A96 Action and submitted to the Scottish Government and other relevant bodies, the petitions raised in support of online dualling and the many media releases that have been published.

Mark also commented on the numerous meetings and engagements that A96 Action has had with the Transport Secretary, various MSPs and MPs, Government Advisory bodies, local councillors and local Business Groups.

Mark concluded by stating that, thus far, the aims of A96 Action have been achieved, adding that there were no guarantees that those in power would react to the evidence presented. In the meantime, the 97 householders and businesses who live within 500 metres of the proposed Violet route will continue to be in a state of limbo. Marked closed his statement by saying the Committee remains committed to continuing the campaigning and thanks all for their support.


The meeting registered a vote of thanks to Gail Hector, Mike Scott and Ken McEwen who indicated their intention, prior to the AGM, to stand down from the Committee. All were sincerely thanked for their contribution to the work of A96 Action.

Members of the committee attending the AGM then stood and introduced themselves.

There were no new committee nominations received. All committee members in attendance agreed to serve for another year.

Astley Hastings proposed and Mel Roberts seconded.


No nominations were received. Lorna Anderson, Mark Robertson, Innes Simpson and Lucy Narducci all agreed to serve for another year as Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Astley Hastings proposed and Mel Roberts seconded.


There were no matters arising


A96 is a self-funded group and, to help defray costs incurred, donations from the floor were respectfully requested. A sum of £234 was collected.


The AGM closed at 2.20pm and was followed by a presentation by Professor Charlotte Maltin. Professor Maltin presented the summary report compiled by A96 Action which addressed the case for on-line dualling of the A96 through Inverurie taking account of the economic, environmental and ecological issues associated with each route option.

A Q&A session followed:

Q: What is the position of Gillian Martin MSP?

A: Ms Martin has clearly stated that she will not commit to one side or the other. She has expressed more interest in A96 Action’s arguments since the meeting with Michael Matheson in September 2019 but has not engaged with us since.

Q: Where is our new MP (Mr Richard Thomson)?

A: Mr Thomson was invited to attend the AGM but no response was received.

Q: What is A96 Action going to do next?

A: A96 Action will continue to lobby the Transport Secretary and all other statutory bodies. We have already written to the new Finance Secretary, requested a meeting with her.

The meeting closed at 3.10pm

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