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A96 preferred route around Inverurie Announced. (Orange/Pink/Cyan)

Transport Scotland announced their preferred route for the East of Huntly - Aberdeen section earlier today in a 'virtual' exhibition - accessible here:

The headline is they've chosen Orange - Pink - Cyan in the various sections.

A96 Action have released the following press release in response: This decision will give enormous relief to residents and business owners along the Violet route and end over two years of uncertainty – and campaigning!

It has been a long, tough and involved campaign, only made possible by the amazing dedication of the A96 Action group’s committee members. We have been so fortunate to have such highly qualified and committed people give an enormous amount of their time and expertise to our campaign.

Funds have also been donated, and a huge thank you is due to every single person who donated to our fighting fund. This enabled us to hire Pell Frischmann Chartered Surveyors to verify that our plans for online dualling through Inverurie were valid, which was essential in campaigning for the online option.

Although we preferred the online option, we do recognise that, with the addition of new and redesigned junctions, the Orange route is the least damaging route and the one which best meets the scheme objectives.

Whilst we celebrate, however, we should remember that here are no winners in this process and we empathise with the residents along the remaining route selections.

We will continue to monitor the situation and be ready to act should the need arise.

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