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Cut and Cover

The link below is to an animation created by Transport Scotland showing an innovative approach to online dualling being implemented on the A9 dualling project. This is "Cut and cover" where the newly dualled road is completely covered over in key sections to join up the land either side of the road for better connectivity.

Just imagine if this could be implemented for the A96 section through Inverurie? The housing and amenities to the south of the existing road could be fully reconnected to Inverurie. We could have bike trails, allow easy walking access to/from Inverurie, reduce (or in fact completely remove) any adverse impact of traffic flow through the section on roadside properties.

This plan is a result of co-creative agreement between the local community and the contractors for this section; Jacobs. Imagine!, working collaboratively with the local community to get the maximum benefit from an infrastructure project....!??

If this can be done on the A9, why not the A96?

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