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Local wildlife react to Transport Scotland’s plans

the latest round of Transport Scotland’s Drop In Sessions, which displayed plans to build a new dual carriageway through the north east’s most verdant landscapes, local wildlife in the Keithhall area have reacted violently to Transport Scotland’s plans to commit ecocide. Mr Roe Deer Stag, seen here expressing his grief and frustration, commented, “My family and I have lived here for generations, doing our best to maintain a balanced ecosystem with our neighbours the ospreys, hawks, curlews, badgers, otters, hedgehogs, butterflies and bees. We live peacefully, whilst contributing much to the local area’s balanced wildlife habitats, on land that Transport Scotland wants to obliterate with millions of tonnes of concrete and tar.”

In truth, the local wildlife exists on the horns of dilemma in the north east. Whilst the vast majority of locals would accept that upgrading of the transport system – not least to solve Inverurie’s peak hour traffic issues – is required, Transport Scotland’s proposals for a 16km-long dual carriageway, causing the lifelong loss of wildlife habitat, nesting grounds, high grade agricultural land, homes and businesses, seems a sledgehammer to crack a nut given that a Grade 6 dual carriageway following the existing A96 through Inverurie would require only the loss of part of three householder’s gardens. No demolition, no split farms, no loss of the Keithhall aquifier, no desecration of endangered species’ nesting sites, lower CO2 emissions, flood risk maintained at current levels, short term pain for long term gain for all.

As Mr Roe Deer Stag says, “ I simply don’t understand humans. They could improve the local transport system quickly and cheaply, with limited disruption, but they would prefer to wait 10 years for a totally new, hugely expensive new road miles. What sense does that make?”

In the meantime, residents along the proposed route – both wildlife and human life – are sentenced to a life in the shadow of uncertainty.

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