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No public support for A96 options - Lewis Macdonald

22nd May 2019

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald today called on the Scottish Government to make sure that there is public support for the proposed options for dualling the A96 around Inverurie before spending billions of pounds on the project.

After asking a parliamentary question today, Lewis Macdonald said:

“It is clear that many people in the North East are unhappy with the proposals made by the Scottish Government for the dualling of the A96 around Inverurie.

“Ministers have already dismissed out of hand the possibility of dualling the road along the existing route, offering instead proposals which would have a huge environmental impact on rural areas north and east of Inverurie.

“Only last week Transport Secretary Michael Matheson told parliament that the A96 dualling project would cost £3 billion – four times the projected cost to the taxpayer of the AWPR which had overwhelming public support in the North East.

“If £3 billion of public money is to be spent on an infrastructure project like the A96 dualling, then it must have the support of the local communities.

“The Scottish Government must look again at the options they are presenting to local people in Inverurie, and Ministers must listen to local people.”

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