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Transport Minister responds.

23rd May 2019

In the face of A96Action's pressure and those of local opposition MSPs, the Transport Minister responds by trying to gain popular sympathy and make opponents look like they don’t care about Inverurie locals. See link to the press article below:

Whilst it is very regrettable that our preferred option of dualling the existing A96 route would require a small number of houses to be demolished, this may also be the case for any of the other route options and surely this is still preferable to the estimated 7,500+ properties that would be impacted by noise, air and light pollution from a new dual carriageway passing close to their homes and through otherwise unspoiled and open countryside.

The owners of the affected houses could (and should!) be paid a premium above the top market value of their houses as compensation and the project would still be £100 millions cheaper and the impact to the wider community be far less.

It is also entirely hypocritical for the Transport Minister to accuse others in this way when 17 homes were demolished in the construction of the AWPR and 129 homes have been demolished to make way for the Haudagain roundabout modifications.

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